Hoffman Cooling Solutions

March 21, 2017

Hoffman Cooling Solutions

Hoffman enclosures work to create optimal conditions for reliable operation of electronic automation components. With a wide variety of options, Rensenhouse and Hoffman can provide the right solution for any operation.

When the temperature inside your enclosure reaches 90 degrees, the life expectancy of the components within that enclosure has dropped to half of what it would be at room temperature. Heat is generated by equipment inside the cabinet and is then magnified by external forces on the plant floor. The Rensenhouse team can assist you with a thermal audit to detect temperature related issues before they become larger problems.

Consequences from heat include:

  • lower drive performance
  • fluctuations in I/C devices
  • component failure
  • warranty revocation

Why Hoffman? 

  • Over 2,000 UL-certified climate control products.
  • Easily upgradeable from competitors or obsolete Hoffman products.
  • On site thermal audits.
  • Custom engineering services for non-standard requirements.
  • Focus on energy efficient products.

Hoffman Cooling Brochure

Rensenhouse stocks a wide variety of Hoffman products with the knowledge and service to back them up. Talk to us today to to maximize the life and performance of your electrical components.